Webcam panoramic view North Sea
Webcam panoramic view North Sea
live streaming webcam with a panoramic view of the family lagoon
Webcam family lagoon
Live streaming webcam historic port
Webcam historic port
Live Webcam Alster and port
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webcam live stream pedestrian area Buesum
Webcam center of Buesum
Webcam Busum Alleestrasse Southwest
Webcam Alleestrasse Southwest
Webcam Büsum Alleestrasse Nordost
Webcam Alleestrasse Northeast
Weather forecast Büsum
Weather forecast
Büsum in 360 degrees VR
Büsum in 360 Grad
Webcam Büsum main beach
Webcam main beach
Webcam Busum spa gardens
Webcam spa gardens

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Journey to Büsum
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What is all about?

Dear Busum lovers,

we want to welcome you to This website shows you relevant information about the northsea spa town Busum. The site offers you eight live streaming webcams, which broadcast live 24 hours and 7 days a week. We release regularly news about Busum. This could be an exhibition, concert or several sightseeing tours about Busum.

Since the 19th century Buesum is known as a famous spa town in Northern Germany. It is the third largest town regarding tourism at the coast of the German North Sea. Buesum is not only famous for it's healty sea air, it is more famous for the wadden sea, which was in 2009 acknowledged as a world nature heritage by the UNESCO.  On many markets in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg and also in several gourmet food stores all around Germany you can buy Busumer Krabben. Busumer Krabben are little shrimps, those are also called North Sea shrimp, which gets fished by trawlers.

Visiting Büsum is the whole year long a good choice. In the spring and in in the summer Busum offers several services for tourists and the dam and the "Familienlagune" is good for enjoying the sun. Check out our news to see what is the upcoming event.

We are looking forward for your trip to Busum.

Kind regards,

your team.

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