Live stream webcam pedestrian area in the center of Buesum

This live streaming webcam shows you impressions of the Buesum city center in the direction of the pedestrian area, which is forbidden for cars. 

The pedestrian area especially in the summer months is always very crowdy because of all the events which take place every year. The area mainly consists of clothes shops, restaurants and cafes. There is a large place right at the beginning of the pedestrian area on the left side. This was renewed not too long ago, now this is one of the relaxing areas in the summer months where it is nice to watch people walking by and watching the new fountain, which is illuminated with several LEDs so this is also a highlight mainly in the evenings. At the end of the place is the city hall, where the mayor of Busum has his office. It is also the administration of the Busum and its surroundings. 

If you want to take a look, how the pedestrian area looks like, check out the webcam facing southwest, which shows you a fantastic view in the direction of the dam, which protects Buesum from the North Sea. The webcam facing northeast shows you parts of the newly designed Kaiser-Wilhelm-square. 

Busum is not only in the summer, during the long vacation time interesting for tourists so if you look for a place to stay check out our apartments


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