History of Busum with its fishery and tourism past

Busum has a long and diverse history. In its early years it was not part of the main land of Germany. Instead it was an island in front of the main land of Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany. During the centuries this changed so nowadays Busum is part of the mainland and has its own harbour with fishing boats and trawlers as well as shrimp cutters. Before it become a famous spa town at the North Sea coast in Northern Germany it was a fishery town. The "Büsumer Krabben" is a very famous delicacy in Busum. These are small North Sea shrimps.

Teaser picture old ships of Büsum
Old ships of Büsum
teaser picture tuna fishing north sea
Tuna fishing North Sea
Teaser picture old houses and shops
Old houses and shops
Teaser old pictures of Büsum
additional pictures of Büsum
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