To create 360 pictures and videos I use the Ricoh Theta S, which is a full spherical camera with two lenses. Those lenses make 2 seperate pictures which will be combined by the camera itself. There is no display on the camera, so it need to be connected to a smartphone. There are smartphone apps for Android as well as IOS.

VR glasses

To view those movies you can use for example a smartphone with installed youtube app. To optimize the effect you should wear VR glasses too. Those glasses will be used with smartphones. Those glasses are not very expensive and gives a sneak peak in the future of digital imaging. Each eye watches an own picture which be merged by the human brain to an 3D picture. If you open these pictures and wear VR glasses you could have the feeling that you are where the photo was taken. The shortcut VR stands for virtual reality, which means the combined impression and depiction of a real time environment.

Source: wikipedia

The following video was taken on a weekend in Juni at the historic port. It shows a short walk from the "Ankerplatz" along the historic port to the perron. The space in front of the perron is used for several events in the summertime and in the winter holidays.

The picture above was taken in the wadden sea, which is part of the UNESCO world nature heritage. The open range is noticeable.

The picture below was taken in the Familienlagune on the forst day of the King of the Lagoon 2016. There are only a few small waves, when the picture was taken. So it was a bad day for all the kitesurfers.

The spherical picture below shows the stairs to the Familienlagune. The picture was taken from the waddensea during low tide.

Familienlagune taken from the worldnatureheritage the waddensea. #theta360de - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The record was taken during rising tide on the main beach in early June 2016 in Buesum. It is calm and on the North sea there are only a few low waves visible. Although the water is only a few centimeters deep the water is not transparent here, because of the mud which mixes with the water. The water was only 15 degrees celsius warm, however the rising water feels warmer, because the waddensea was warmed up by the sunlight during low tide.

#buesum #büsum #nordsee #northsea #germany #deutschland The summer is early this year in Buesum. 26 degrees celcius. wonderful :) #theta360 #theta360de - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

This 360 degrees VR picture was taken on the way to the main beach entrance. Because of the panoramic view you are able to see parts of the historic port with its perron, the entrance to the public bath, the Piratenmeer and the pedestrian area, the Alleestrasse.

#Büsum near the historic port, main beach entrance and the pedestrian area. Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Additional 360 degrees VR views

The Buesum kite festival 2016, which took place over the easter holidays was partly filmed in VR.

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