Over 400 brave swimmers at the 14th traditional first swimming

The 14th traditional first swimming was a big success

There weren't as many first swimmers than the last year, however the 420 brave people had the respect of the tourists all around. Maybe some of the visitors and tourists who were waiting for the event to start got cold during waiting, but that is nothing compared to those who managed to swim today.

The air temperature was about 4 degrees, but it felt colder because of the strong wind. The water itself had a temperature of also 4,5 degrees celsius and today had a lot of waves because of the wind. However the 420 participants were celebrated by the audience.

Many of them enjoyed the bath in the audience after the bath in the North Sea, some of the participants were rushing back after the cold wet water experience. Their heading for the public bath where they had free entrance before and after the event to get warm again in one of its saunas. 

All information is about to change. 


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