Kitefestival in Busum for the fifth time

Amateurs and Pros meet at the 5th kite festival in Busum

Kite festival for the fifth time in the family lagoon

On the 15th of April the kite festival starts for two days in the family lagoon on the so called Watt'n Insel, an island in the family lagoon. If it is windy enough for all the large kite to start it would be an amazing event. During the normal kite event several small kite tournaments and special shows will be shown. We are looking forward for this event with you. Check out our last year's photos which were taken with a 360 degrees cam in the family lagoon.


Saturday, the 15.04.2017 starting at 11 am and Sunday, the 16.04.2017 starting at 11 am till 18 pm


Watt'n Insel in the family lagoon in front of the dam in Busum.

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